GOLD PAN, Turbopan 10 Inch Blue

GOLD PAN, Turbopan 10 Inch Blue

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The Australian Turbopan
Brand new to the US market, the Turbopan is the next evolution in gold pan technology. The Turbopan eliminates the problem of compaction that happens in the traditional "Klondike" style gold pan because it is basically a circular sluice. The unique spiral riffles break up the material and the grooves feed into the center trap. Waste material easily flows out over the edge of the pan. Features flat riffles to help clean up your concentrates. The Turbopan doesn't require running water like a sluice, it simply maximizes the effects of gravity making gold separation easy and quick. Its shallow depth means it can be used in even puddles and troughs.

Available in a 10 inch pan that is 7 inches wide on the bottom and 1.5 inches deep at the outer edges.

#5791 10 inch Turbopan ( Blue ) MSRP: $15.95

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