Becoming a Dealer

High Plains Wholesale is actively seeking dealer relationships to add to our 600+ dealer list.  In order to become a dealer, you must be actively involved in the treasure hunting industry and be licensed in your state/country to do business.  

In order to become a dealer, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the HPW DEALER APPLICATION.  Please complete this application and email it to us.
  2. Along with the application, send your Retail Sales Tax certificate showing your authority to collect sales tax in your state/country.
  3. Once we receive the information above an account will be created for you.  You will receive an email for ACCOUNT ACTIVATION.  You will need to click on the button/link in that email to activate your account.
  4. Upon completing the steps above, you will be all set and ready to start placing orders.

Note:  When placing a wholesale order, you have a few choices to arrange/pay shipping.  The first is to provide us with a label as outlined in our Drop Shipping guidelines page.  If you want us to complete the shipping for you, you can either choose to complete the payment for the product and we will send an invoice for the shipping separately.  The second option is to complete the order but do not pay the invoice.  Simply let us know you placed the order and are ready for shipping.  In this case we will add shipping prior to sending an invoice.  Once we know the shipping amount, we will calculate shipping, insert it into the draft order and send you an invoice for the product and shipping combined.